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We've got a fun new way to connect with our friends and fans, and for you guys to get some exclusive content as well as the chance to participate directly in what we make!

Obviously due to COVID19 we have had all our upcoming seasons cancelled, which means that we have more time than ever to create, and train, but most importantly, to connect with our fans. So Rouge has kicked off a patreon! This is a way to support our artists over this period of no work, but also to connect with us - influence the work we make, give feedback on work-in-progress routines, chat with us and ask questions, and see exclusive fun stuff made in isolation over the next few months. Help us make the cabaret and circus show that you want to see!

Patreon is a monthly subscription service - you can join with the membership that is affordable for you, and for that you get a bunch of cool things based on the membership tier you are in. And you can cancel whenever you like, so you can join us for a month or many months, whatever suits you!

We would like to give a shout out to our Patreon hall-of-famers, as well as some of the amazing people and businesses who have supported us in a big way over the years.

- Adrian Bembrick (Patreon hall-of-famer)

- Erin Dalton (Patreon hall-of-famer)

- Michael Singer (Patreon hall-of-famer)

- Wonderland Spiegeltent

- Mel, Colin & Tay

- Gluttony

- Gasworks Arts Park

- The Circus Spot

- Circus Oz
- Malia Walsh

- James Brown

- Frank Minitti

- Mike Finch

- Hannah Gott

- Ricky Crompton

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