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Hi-Fi Way 2018 

“Rouge is a show that never drops momentum and energy - all the while keeping your attention, and stirring up lustful thoughts until the very end.”

The Advertiser 2018 

"THE big ticket item is Rouge, circus for adults in the way we’ve come to know, love, and slightly lust after these many years past."

Great Scott 2018


“Rouge is impishly playful with sexuality and gender, with performers living up to and subverting our expectations at every turn. It is a sexy show, and this is where it excels”

Weekend Notes 2018


"Welcome to a circus for the new age… Brilliant performances covered with rhythm and attitude and a certain aura permeates the venue that embodies the phrase, 'Filthy and Gorgeous’.

Smut Buttons 2017


“The performance is so high energy, so passionate and executed with such abandon that it can't help but leave you feeling elated and empowered… if you aren't turned on by this you might want to consult a physician, because you're probably clinically dead."

Bella Broadway 2019


"...70 minutes was nowhere near the amount of time I wanted to spend in this psycho-sexual wonderland. We may only be halfway through Fringe World, but I am afraid that Rouge has pretty much ruined every show I have ever seen/will see until the day I die."