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Madison (Maddy) Burleigh


Maddy started off as a gymnast, before starting circus training in late 2014. It didn't take her long before she fell in love with the art form.

She has quickly become one of Australia’s most highly skilled acrobatic flyers.

Maddy has toured nationally with shows such as Circus Wonderland’s ‘The Mermaid Show’, Lennon Brothers Circus, and regularly performs for After Dark Productions and CircaNICA.


  • Director: Elena Kirschbaum

  • Producer: Highwire Entertainment

  • Choreographer: Paul Westbrook

  • Costume Designer: April Dawson

  • Technical Manager: Sarah Platts

  • Set Design: Hamish Fletcher

Issie Hart


Issie is an internationally esteemed performer, who has sung on cliff edges, silos, mountains and in quarries.

She has worked in theatre, opera, independent film, community radio and television. She is also a freelance writer, published in New Matilda.


Issie has received numerous classical singing awards in Australia.


Scot’s Gay Magazine dubbed her the ‘Best Voice of the Edinburgh Festival’ (2010).

Paul Westbrook


Paul studied as an undergraduate in Drama at Exeter University and trained in MA Classical Acting at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, before moving to Australia. 


He has worked as an actor and director in theatre and film with a range of companies and co-founded film production company “Mad Alice Media”.


Rouge is the perfect show for Paul to demonstrate his dancing, acting and trampolining skills. 

Lyndon Johnson


Lyndon graduated from the National Institute of Circus Arts (NICA) in 2018, specialising in hand-to-hand acrobatics and Cyr wheel.


He has toured nationally with Rouge, while also performing with CircaNICA.

When Lyndon isn't performing, you'll find him abroad rock climbing, slacklining, cycling or mountaineering.  Don't challenge him - he holds multiple big wall records and the Australian Slackline record for 180m.

Liam deJong


Liam started gymnastics at 4 years old and moved into sports acrobatics at 12. 

He went on to medal at national championships, winning gold at two.


Liam attended the National Institute for Circus Arts (NICA) to further his acrobatic skills and specialised in hand-to-hand acrobalance.


He performed as part of the opening act at the Cirque de Demain Festival, Paris, in 2013 and has performed in many cabarets, Speigeltent shows and traditional circus companies.

Jessie Mckibbin 

Jessie has been a circus performer for more than 10 years, and graduated from the National Institute of Circus Arts (NICA) in 2017.


She applies her strong work ethic to all of her passions, including abseiling, painting, owning a portable performance stage, circus rigging and performing as a circus artist.


Jessie's life goal is to hone her skills,  whilst travelling the world and helping people in need.

We'd like to acknowledge our original cast and co-creators of the show, and the creative minds who bring the magic to the stage. 

Creating cast

  • Andre Augustus

  • Annalise Moore

  • Chris Carlos

  • Issie Hart

  • Paul Westbrook

  • Tara Silcock